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December 2017 Annnual Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda, Proxy, Proposed Bylaw Amendments

2017 Birch Mill Pond Dam and Spillway Inspection Report

June 2017 Special Board Meeting Minutes

June 2017 Open Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Agenda

2017 Draft Association Budget

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda

2015 Annual Budget (Final)

2014 Anual Meeting Minutes

2014 Annual Meeting Agenda

Historical Expenditures Graph for 2014 Annual Meeting

2015 Proposed Budget

2014 Annual Meeting Announcement

2014 Annual Meeting Proxy

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

2013 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

2014 Budget 

2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

2012 Annual Financial Report and 2013 Budget

2012 Annual Meeting Documents (agenda, proxy)

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes (December 2011)

January 2012 Ballot

2011 Annual Meeting Agenda, Budget, & Proxy

Board Members (Updated November 2011)

Letter from Board to Members November 26, 2010

2011 Proposed Budget

Block Party 2010 Flyer

Southwinds Newsletter May 2010

2009 Dam Boundary Agreement

Spillway Report December 2009

2009 Annual Meeting Minutes

2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

2009 Proposed Budget

Bylaws Amended December 2008

2008 Annual Meeting Proxy

2008 Annual Meeting Announcement

2008 Dam Report

2008 Block Party Photos

2007 Annual Meeting Minutes

2007 Annual Meeting Proxy

2007 Annual Meeting Agenda Additions

2007 Annual Meeting Agenda

2007 Approved Budget

2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

Pond Dredging Committee Report (December 2006)

DEP Report on 1998 Dam Inspection

2006 Annual Meeting Announcement

2006 Annual Meeting Agenda

2006 Annual Meeting Proxy

2007 Budget Proposal

Venuti Letter (Work Proposal) August 2006

Hartford Courant Article on Dams

2006 Final Budget

2005 Annual Meeting Minutes

Association Bylaws (Updated December 2005)

2005 Annual Meeting Agenda

2006 Proposed Budget

August 2005 Board of Directors Update

2004 Annual Meeting Minutes (MS Excel)

2005 Budget (Final)

2005 Liability Insurance Quote

Street Light Proposal for 2004 Annual Meeting

Streetlight Brochure from CL&P

2004 Annual Meeting Agenda, Budget, & Voting Proxy   

Board of Directors Update April, 2004

2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

2003 Annual Meeting Agenda

2003 Budget vs. Actual Expenses

2004 Budget

2003 Annual Meeting Announcement

2002 Annual Meeting Minutes

Bylaw Amendment regarding Board Member Indemnification

Minutes of Special Association Meeting - 6/11/2003

Proxy Document in lieu of attendance at Association meeting

2003 Association Budget

2002 Association Profit & Loss

Sonar Herbicide Documentation

Certificate of Incorporation

1979 Deed Restrictions

1997 Deed Restrictions

Dam Quit Claim

Pond Easement

Open Space Deeds

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